$250K car gets windshield smashed by skateboarder

That’s what he gets for running the “stop” sign.

An angry teenager has been captured smashing the windscreen of a $250,000 (£190,000) McLaren with his skateboard. Footage shows the car’s passenger chasing the unidentified boy down the street after he cracked the glass with his skateboard, although it is unclear whether he was caught.

The Internet is now furiously debating whether the teenager was right to damage the car because the driver ran a stop sign. Surprisingly, many YouTube users are siding with the boy, saying the driver could have killed him by not stopping as he crossed the road.

‘The McLaren could easily have torn his body apart like wet tissue paper from running the stop,’ YouTuber Yokman wrote in the comments section.

Brandon Grimaldo wrote: ‘Dude ran a stop sign then yells at the kid for doing nothing wrong.’

While David Gonzales said: ‘What happened to the car was understandable. I don’t think it’s ACCEPTABLE, but the car owner had it coming.’

YouTube user Paul Gonzo was waiting outside Little Man Ice Cream in Denver when the bright orange McLaren MP4-12C pulled up. Mr Gonzo claims the driver then shouted at the boy after beeping his horn. Because he was filming vertically, he missed the moment the teen hurled his skateboard at the window but the sound of the smash can clearly be heard. The passenger in the supercar then jumped out and raced up the street after the teen. The driver moved off after the crowd drew near to record the massive crack in his windscreen.

Yet many viewers cannot decide whose action was the most shameful.