70-year-old Armwrestler, old dudes rule

Probably the best arm wrestle I’ve ever seen!

This amazing armwrestler said he turned 70 on April 5th (2014). Gary Roberts replied that he gives a man hope.

The name of the 70-year-old Armwrestler is Lynn Brower from SoCal. The name of the other armwrestler is Rob Chavez.

Not many 70 year-old men could enter an arm wrestling competition and DESTROY guys three times younger than them. But then the old dude you’re about to meet is no ordinary 70 year-old. This thick-armed old timer might look like your grandpa with his white hair, but underestimate him at your peril!

His opponent is a man mountain. But while strong, you’ve got to be wondering how much of that bulk is just juiced-up mass there to look big. Anyway, check this out. It’s CRAZY!