A tribute to Nick Diaz and his return.

That´s one of a few warriors in the game!!!

On july 31, Nick Diaz`s 18 month suspension for smoking weed is finally over! – If Dana considers holding ‘UFC: 209′ in stockton with both brothers as the main and co-main event, i`ll die happy! That f**king suspension was criminal. Literally the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of. 18 months for weed.

At UFC 183 marked the third time Nick Diaz had tested positive for marijuana metabolites. This time, however, there was so much controversy surrounding the issue that even a petition was filed to the White House to reduce his suspension.

Diaz had passed two WADA-accredited drug tests but failed one carried out by Quest Diagnostics. The former Strikeforce welterweight champion presented a sound defense to the Nevada Athletic Commission but was suspended for five years and received a $165,000 fine. His opponent Anderson Silva, who defeated Diaz via unanimous decision, tested positive for steroids but only received a one-year ban.

The news caused outrage in the MMA community and Diaz’ legal team campaigned hard against the punishment. The NAC were forced to reduce his sentence 18 months and deducted $65,000 from his fine. Silva’s win over Diaz was also overturned to a No Contest.