Alistair Overeem vs. Bob Sapp Arm Wrestling

DAMN! Alistair got destroyed by a chubby Japanese dude.

Alistair Overeem and Bob Sapp each were situated at opposite ends of the bracket where they both proceeded to tear through all of their opponents, which then set up a showdown between the K-1 veterans.

Before the match they proceeded to have an interesting stare down which saw Overeem and Sapp flex their muscles in a display of dominance toward one another which wowed the studio audience. With that all said and done Overeem and Sapp started their match with the ‘Beast’ using his superior size and strength advantage to slowly but surely takedown ‘The Reem’ and win the tournament.

After Sapp was victorious the game host surprised him with a new challenger in form of Yoshinobu Kanai who was the former Japanese Arm Wrestling Champion. With arms comparable to Popeye and the technical skill to back it up, Sapp was going to have his work cut out for him having gone through an entire gauntlet in one night.

After a much tenser stare down the two competitors braced them and as fast as the referee said go, Yoshinobu Kanai took down Bob Sapps arm literally in an instant giving himself the win and proving it’s all in the wrist.