Alligator dies while trying to eat eel electric

It was such a … shock

A fisherman in Brazil was reeling in a surprise catch… an electric eel. However, another hunter also [had] an eye on the eel: an alligator (Actually, it looks more like a caiman, but moving right along). The alligator (or caiman) bites the electric eel, and the electric eel demonstrates why it’s called an “electric eel”.

The alligator’s jaws seize up due to the electricity, and the predator just keeps getting zapped, like something out of Crank 2: High Voltage. However, it’s not the voltage that does the damage, but rather the current. Indeed, the electric eel survived the encounter, but the alligator was not so lucky. The higher intensity charges vary by the size of the eel. Smaller eels (about 10 cm in length) can produce charges of up to 100 V. Larger eels (over 1 m in length) can produce charges of 450 to 650 volts of electricity.