Gators Get Into Brawl On Florida Golf Course

Why would you get that close to an alligator?

Living in Florida means alligators!  And sometimes alligators get angry with each other. What do you do when you’re playing on a golf course in Florida and see a fight break out between two gators? You get as close as you can to them and start filming!
The golfer filming this insanity was also the lucky recipient of a souvenir tooth from one of the gators. Everyone at the golf course was shocked!
One of the alligators was identified as ‘Goliath’, a 12-foot gator that has become something of a local celebrity at the golf course.In fact, this isn’t the first time photos of Goliath have gone viral. He became an internet sensation after golfers posted a photo of him chowing down on a turtle near one of the course’s water traps. Goliath’s opponent, measuring a mere 10 feet in length, didn’t stand a chance. By the end of the fight, the smaller gator was seen limping away from the scene of the battle. Meanwhile, Goliath was reportedly unhurt.
Though the fight was incredibly interesting, it definitely delayed some golfer’s game. ‘There was some fellas waiting to tee off and , of course, they had to hold up until the gators finished their shenanigans’. Dee said.