ALWAYS Tip The Pizza Guy!

… or he might set fire to your pizza!

Intent on taking their pranks to the next level, the guys over at Nelk Filmz decided to get a fake job as a pizza delivery guy to expose those tight-fisted individuals that refuse to hand over that little bit of extra dollar. As you can expect, things got pretty heated (and we’re not just talking about melted cheese).

If you are one of these people who seems averse to tipping, watch your back. One wrong move and you could have a flaming pile of pepperoni and cheese on your front lawn. For the rest of humanity, this is utterly hilarious.

Those guys didn’t look too pleased when Nelk slam-dunked their sides did they? The moral of the story here is simple, if someone who is getting paid peanuts delivers you your meal, make sure you tip them. It’s common courtesy ya’ll .