Amputee Beggar Gets Exposed As A Fraud In Public!

He’s lucky they didn’t beat him down

Footage has emerged of a beggar revealed by a passerby to be lying about his disability. In the video, thought to be taken in China, a man can be seen walking up to the beggar who looks as if his legs have been amputated and pulling off his trousers to show that the beggar does actually have legs. The beggar with his legs still tied together, tries to escape the crowd of people who have gathered to take a look.

In the footage, shared on Youtube, the man can be seen moving on a tray with wheels, commonly used in China by beggars who have had their legs amputated.

Suddenly, a man comes from behind and pulls at the beggar’s trousers.

He struggles for some time as a crowd start to gather around the pair. Eventually the passerby manages to pull the man’s trousers down to reveal that the beggar has his legs tucked into his baggy underwear. The passerby shouts at the man in Mandarin calling him a cheat as the beggar uses his arms as his feet are stuck in his underpants, to slide away.