An attempt to gracefully release a dove gone wrong.

Dove finally at peace

This video shows the unfortunate moment a dove died at a funeral after being thrown into the air by a pastor.

The funeral, held for a man called David, took an unexpected turn when the pastor released the dove – a symbol of the deceased’s spirit ascending to heaven. Seconds after being tossed into the air, the bird plummeted back to earth, shocking mourners as it came down with a thud.

Holding the dove in his right hand as he speaks to the funeral-goers, the pastor says: ‘Now my brothers. I heard David say just the other day, “Oh, if I had wings like this dove for then I would fly away…”.’

Instead of holding out his hand to let the bird take off, the priest throws the dove up into the air, before adding: ‘”…And be at rest”‘. Feathers flutter in the wind as the bird disappears from a shot momentarily, with members of the crowd muttering ‘Amen’.

Moments later mourners can be heard reacting with shock as the dove nosedives back to earth, coming down with an audible thud. Luckily for the pastor, some of the group see the funny side, with a ripple of awkward laughter making its way through the service.

One man can be heard chuckling as he says: ‘He didn’t fly.’