Angry man rides on top of car bonnet

This guy has some SERIOUS anger management problems!

Commuters watched in disbelief as the angry man screamed abuse at the male driver of the convertible in broad daylight as they drive down street

This is the bizarre moment an angry man clings onto the bonnet of a moving car and punches the windscreen in the middle of a city centre. Commuters watched in disbelief as the furious man screamed abuse at the male driver of the convertible Mercedes in broad daylight. The angry confrontation on St Margaret’s Way in Leicester was caught on camera and posted on Twitter by a BBC online producer.

Bystanders said the man, believed to be Eastern European, climbed out of the car as it waited at traffic lights. But he then clambered onto the bonnet of the silver sports car and began ranting and punching the windscreen. The driver seemed unfazed by the threatening behaviour of his passenger and drove slowly down the dual-carriageway.

Fellow motorists drove past the bizarre scene and pedestrians stared in disbelief at what they were seeing.

The footage stops abruptly after 28 seconds and it is not clear what happened to the vest-wearing man or driver. Police later said a man had been arrested in connection with the bizarre incident. The suspect, who allegedly damaged other cars, was held on suspicion of criminal damage and assault. He was initially taken into custody and later to hospital for treatment to injuries.