Arlovski brutally knocked out in his debut pro bout!

‘Pitbull’ didn’t see that right hand coming!

It might seem hard to believe but Andrei Arlovski, who will take on Stipe Miocic in the co-main event at UFC 195 on January 2, started his MMA career in the previous century. His first pro bout took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on April 9, 1999  (M-1 MFC – World Championship 1999) and ended in an absolute disaster.
Arlovski’s opponent was Vyacheslav “Red Tarzan” Datsik. For Datsik it was also a pro debut and in the opening seconds it looked like Arlovsky would have no problem defeating him as Andrei dominated the much less skilled Russian. But just one shot changed everything. Six minutes into the fight Datsik threw a right hand which Arlovski obviously didn’t see coming. The bomb landed right on ’Pitbull’s’ jaw and dropped him stone dead to the canvas.
Despite the defeat, Arlovski’s career went on and now he’s one of the most prominent heavyweights on UFC roster. Unlike his opponent, Vyacheslav Datsik became more known in his native Russia not for his cage wins but for his crimes. Datsik, who is a dedicated follower of the Nazi ideology (he was a member of the illegal “Slavic Union”), was accused of several group robberies of cell phone, jewellery and clock shops. In the course of investigation ‘Red Tarzan ’ was found insane and was sentenced to take medical treatment in a special clinic . Later, in 2010, he escaped from the hospital and emigrated to Norway where he demanded a political refuge which he was not granted. Instead he was accused of illegal gun possession and bearing and remained in the Norwegian prison until March 2011 . After his extradition to Russia, Datsik was given a five-year term in prison for numerous cases of robberies and assaults, nowadays he does his time in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk .