Battle of the Nations (Medieval Tournament)

WOW! Full Contact Sword Fighting!

The Battle of the Nations is an international historical medieval battles world championship, first held in 2009, in Kharkiv, Ukraine and held in Europe, in April, every year since. It is a full contact competition using metal weapons and a standardized list of rules. National teams compete in several standard events, with all being full contact – no stage reenactment battles are included.

National teams of different countries compete at “Battle of the Nations”. Under the rules of BN, a national team has to consist of at least 8 and a maximum of 50 fighters. Any representative of any of the HMB clubs, as well as an individual fighter, provided he has gone through a selection process conventional for a country, can become a member of a national team.

The first “Battle of the Nations” was held in 2010 in Khotyn (Ukraine). It was attended by the national teams of four countries, namely Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland. Russia won most of the first places. The program included three categories: a duel (1 vs 1), group battles (5 vs 5) and mass battles (21 vs 21). For those who were not members of the national teams, but came to support the comrades, there were non-security buhurts. Relying on the experience of the first “Battle of the Nations”, the participants of the second summit devoted to the future festival (the summit was held in Kiev), modernized the rules a little bit. In addition, the summit of the year 2010 was attended by representatives of the countries which were potential novices of BN. In 2011, also in the Khotyn Fortress, the second “Battle of the Nations” was held. 7 national teams participated, 4 old ones and 3 novice teams, namely Italy, Germany, Quebec. The first places were won by Russia. The festival was attended by about 30,000 spectators.