Belt Fed 12 Gauge Machine-Shot-Gun


PAT BATEMAN – Let’s call a spade a spade, this is the worlds first (to my knowledge) belt fed light machine-shot-gun? (Be sure you change out this freaking-awesome upper receiver to keep anyone lacking a sense of humor .. or a set of balls, happy). Just like all other “because, F*** You that’s why” weapons, this belt-fed 12 gauge is deadly work of art, the kind everyone wants … err, needs, in their collection starting yesterday. Once they are able to fix the jamming issue this will be my go to home defense weapon … ok maybe not … but a boy can dream.

This crazy gun isn’t perfect yet, the shells don’t rattle through it that smoothly, so the design needs tinkering with, but that doesn’t stop it being awesome. Only question has to be – what are you going to use a fully automatic shotgun for?! Let’s just hope these things will be used for target practice or display purposes if they ever make it into production. Only the damage you could do with one of these shotguns?! DAMN!