Bird steals a man`s joint

“Are you f*cking kidding me!?! You stole my joint!!!”

As if swooping season wasn’t troubling enough, one sneaky magpie has interrupted one man’s downtime after stealing his cannabis joint. In a huge mistake, the man has left his joint outside only to find a sneaky magpie sitting on the porch with his joint in its mouth.

The man appears shocked that his joint could be about to fly away, and says ‘Are you f**cking sh***ing me? You stole my joint.’

The nonchalant magpie takes no notice of the man until he approaches to snatch back his possession. But the magpie has no interest in sharing a puff and flies off to enjoy his own little party.

As if this wasn’t troubling enough, swooping season is in full swing in Australia. Magpie swooping season is set to last longer than usual because mild winter temperatures triggered breeding to start earlier.