Blac Youngsta Looking for Young Dolph with Goons

The beef between rappers over who the true King Of Memphis.

The tension between CMG and Young Dolph has bubbled to the surface.
Blac Youngsta, an artist of Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group imprint, released several Instagram videos going at the Paper Route Empire boss on Wednesday, March 2.

“Dolph you a b!tch, you a soft a$$ n!gga, you nice a$$ n!gga. if you got a problem n!gga, say you got a problem. Shake a$$, b!tch a$$ n!gga. You ain’t no motherf*cking King of Memphis. You ain’t the king of South Memphis. You ain’t from the city, b!tch!” Blac says in one clip.

In the caption of the video he threatens to “smack the sh!t” out of Dolph when he sees him.

According to XXL, the beef stems from Dolph turning down Gotti’s offer to join CMG several years ago. Since then there has been tension between the two.

In various interviews Dolph has denied there was beef, but on the same day Gotti released his “Art of Hustle” album, Doplh dropped his “King of Memphis” project.

Gotti has long proclaimed himself as the King of Memphis.

Hopefully the two parties can settle this peacefully.