Black belt shows new student who the boss is

Pick on someone your own size!

Two-time World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion, Metamoris veteran and Australian BJJ Black Belt Kit Dale is quickly becoming as well known for his antics and videos as he is for being a terror on the mats.  A recent video of his shot on location in his school down-under depicts him witnessing a man of mega proportions picking on his students and deciding that he is going to show the newcomer just who is boss.  After some of his students inform him of the situation Dale takes a stand against the injustice.  “I’ll show him who the black belt is!” announces the epically bearded 9-time Australian BJJ champ as he stalwartly marches up to the newbie who has an unfortunate student trapped in a painful scarf-hold beneath him.  “Hey man, why are you picking on my students?” proclaims Dale.  “You want to roll with a black belt?  Let’s roll, I’ll roll with you right now” says Kit.  However, Dale changes his tune once the new student stands up and he realizes that the newcomer towers over him, probably standing close to 7 feet tall.  “I’ll roll with you next week. My arm is really sore, ” says Dale without missing a beat.  “Welcome to the club”.  Sometimes it’s just safer to take the path of least resistance.  After all, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the gentle art and theirs nothing gentle about rolling with a guy who could have easily tried out for the part of Ivan Drago in Rocky 4 before graduating from the 1st grade.  It’s ok Kit, I know where you’re coming from.  Let’s see that guy cut to lightweight and then we’ll find out how tough he is–right?