Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter Supporters

Why do they have to react like that?!

There’s no question that Black Lives Matter has become infamous in pretty much every community. It’s a group that practices violence, destruction, and disruption, but defines itself by its more peaceful protests as a way to shield themselves from criticism, and claim legitimacy.
The counterargument has been a very common sense “all lives matter.” This seems to anger Black Lives Matter activists to no end, seeing as how it seems to run completely contrary to their brand. Apparently, if all lives matter, then black lives are lessened in the grand scheme. This is wholly untrue, but for BLM, unless you’re giving it full attention and reverence, then you’re obviously a racist.
But to further highlight how illegitimate Black Lives Matter is as a movement, and how it’s really just a racial bullying campaign, one YouTube user named Joey Salads conducted a social experiment with the Black Lives Matter brand, vs the “all lives matter” phrase.
As you can see, the black community did not take kindly to the “all lives matter” sign, with most of them becoming physical, and forcing him to drop the sign on the ground. Some of them attempted to chase him down, and the one friendly guy who had no violent intent warned him that he needed to leave with that sign because he was putting himself in danger.

Emotions run high when it comes to the subject of Black Lives Matter, and attempts to counter the narrative created by the movement results in consequences from those who do support it. What Salads highlights is the just how despotic the movement and its supporters have become when it comes to messaging. Even when the message is inclusive, it can’t be tolerated. To them, it’s black lives, or it has to go.