Black Man Shames Interracial Couple At Restaurant

‘You couldn’t find no black woman?’

Unsettling video has surfaced on the internet showing an interracial couple sharing a meal and being accosted by a man with a camera who “just had to ask” why the husband “couldn’t find no black woman” and “had to go that low, to the lowest rung of humanity.” The person recording begins the video by saying, “Look at the f***ery, in a black-owned restaurant” and asks “Excuse me, are ya’ll together, like in an intimate relationship?”
The man enjoying is meal says, “Yes,” and asks, “What’s up?”“You couldn’t find no black woman? Like, you had to go that low, to the lowest rung of humanity,” the unidentified person with camera replied. “If they even humans, it’s arguable that they even humans.”
“Are you that weak?” he asked. The man being recorded, clearly uncomfortable, asked what the apparent stranger was driving at.
“Well, what’s wrong with you? You couldn’t find no black woman?” the man recording replied. “What was it that made you that weak, that you’d get on your knees and bow to this less of a female, that’s lesser than a black woman in every way.” The last thing you can hear is the man, who was just trying to eat his meal, saying that he wasn’t going to be offended by the racist disruption.