Blood member forces teacher erase blue writing!

Better sit your dumb *ss down an learn something.

Kids these days or more messed up than we can even think of. Even if you want that your kids stay cool and do not end up becoming a part of a wild group or other such thing there are chances that they will be harassed and bullied to the end degree. Parents often fail to help their kids out in school because the first thing is that the school themselves cannot come up with any solutions to such problems and since they need to earn more money they make sure only one problem is dealt with at a time.

The look of it shows how gangster black teenage boys have a stronger hold on kids that do not show any signs of revolt or have the ability to back lash. I mean this crazy that you walk up to your class mate just because he has written everything in blue ink and erase every darn word and order him to write everything in red ink because he is a so called member of the bloods. This is not only disgusting but alarming to a high degree that schools should be more vigilant in such matters.