What will happen if he does it in the hood?

I always thought that people who kept body guards are actually quite coward and well I know I am quite true in this thing. People who are afraid that someone will slightly beat them up or even argue with them over something and they won’t be able to get back at them, they believe they are entitled for extra security. Many celebrities who are actually quite dumb themselves turn out to have body guards, naming one; Justin Bieber. There, there, I know that many of you would bash out at this name, but trust me the only and name that pops up in your brain when you watch this video.

This guy had a completely fake set of guards with no arms and they were just burly. The guys accompanied him where ever he went and just the presence of those men was enough to scare the sh*t out of people. Now believe are quite scary, I was shocked to see that none of them stood up for their things just because of those guards in black. I mean a very good prank though, but still someone should have said something to him at least. There was that one guy who apparently didn’t have that girl but was still trying to somewhat stand up for her. A good laugh.