Boxer Demands The Referee To Stop The Fight!

Damn, a part of his brain was on the camera lens!

Recently in New Zealand, heavyweight Leamy Tato took on fellow heavyweight Willis Meehan in a lopsided bout. And not “lopsided” as a few pounds over or under in fighting weight or a couple inches difference in reach, but “lopsided” as in Tato was called in on late notice to face a far superior fighter, like a lamb being led to slaughter.

But Aussie-based pugilist Willis Meehan showed a rare sign of empathy for an opponent when he pleaded with the referee to stop his fight as he pounded Kiwi rival Leamy Tato into submission during their recent bout. Taking on Tato in New Zealand, Meehan proved a cut above the 41-year-old as he dominated him from the opening exchanges of their eight round fight. The former Sydney Roosters rugby league player continuously unloaded powerful blows on the brave Kiwi. But with Tato continuing to stand and take the punishment as he was hammered against the ropes, Meehan did the unthinkable – stopped punching and pleaded with the referee to end the fight.