Break-Action Shotgun

I wonder what would happen to someone actually using it.

You may already find it ridiculous that you can’t bring the tiniest pair of scissors through an airport security checkpoint, but you’ll find it even more absurd after reading this: A North Carolina programmer is proving that even with all those security restrictions, it’s still possible to get a weapon on a plane—by building it yourself, using items you can buy in airport stores after going through security. So far, Evan Booth has built nunchucks, a crossbow, a grenade, and even a shotgun—and all of them work. “If we’re trying to stop a terrorist threat at the airport, it’s already too late,” Booth tells Fast Company, which notes the fabrication happens in Booth’s home … not at the airport.

On Booth’s website are videos showing how each amusingly-named weapon (think “Chucks of Liberty” and “Blunderbussiness Class”) was made. For example, the shotgun is powered by lithium metal batteries. Combine them with water and the resulting chemical reaction will cause a bottle of Axe body spray to explode, shooting a bunch of pocket change with enough power to penetrate drywall. The grenade/bomb also uses the Axe-battery-water combo, plus a stainless steel coffee tumbler and a condom, and can be put together in less than 10 minutes, Business Insider reports. Booth sends all his findings to the Department of Homeland Security, and he’s gotten the attention of the FBI, which questioned him as part of a report it’s putting together but wouldn’t help him out: “It would have been awesome,” Booth says, “if I’d had access to, like, a cockpit door.”