Brit on reality TV show is strangled by huge python

Damn! He begins to suffocate.

THIS is the terrifying moment a deadly snake nearly suffocates a Brit pest controller filming in Australia for telly. Birmingham man Craig Freeman had to be rescued from the beast’s grip after his face turned PURPLE.

He was filming for Deadliest Pests Down under — which sees British pest experts tour Australia to see what their jobs would be like in the outback.

The 38-year-old can be seen trying to wrestle the 10-foot monster before it manages to wrap its length around his neck. Panicked Craig then screams for help as he begins to suffocate.

“When I saw the snake I told them they were having a laugh,” Craig told the Birmingham Mail. The snake’s head was bigger than my hand.”

The Brummie dad didn’t get much help from the film crew — who were too busy LAUGHING to intervene. “The camera man had to rest the camera on his knee because he was bent over double laughing so much”, Craig continued.