Bruce Lee demonstrating how to kick fast & powerful

Fastest kick ever recorded

There’s no denying that Bruce Lee was one of the greatest martial artists of all time, and that fact is only reinforced by this incredible footage. Bruce Lee is beloved for his iconic movies and for bringing martial arts to mainstream North American audiences, but he was also incredibly proficient at martial arts. In this old footage, reportedly from 1970, we see why audiences and the martial arts world alike were so captivated by this legend.

The video shows Bruce Lee during a martial arts demonstration, showing how to kick with speed and power. He stands in front of his assistant and spends some time meticulously lining up his kick. The first kick is aimed at his opponent’s legs, before cutting to a shot of Lee performing an incredible head-kick. He performs a few more kicks to the midsection and head, taking care not to injure his co-demonstrator, getting his hits in with exact precision.

The short video is entirely in black and white, and though the quality isn’t of the film isn’t perfect, it makes Lee’s demonstration no less impressive. The sheer speed of the movements is incredible, and shows just how fast Lee was. In fact, it’s a well-known rumor that Lee was too fast for camera’s of the time, which filmed at 24 frames per second, to even capture his movements. It’s often said that all of his movies had to film him slower, at 32 frames per second, for audiences to even see that he was punching and kicking.

This reportedly started when Lee was working on the television show The Green Hornet, where he portrayed the Hornet’s sidekick, Kato. In an interview at the time of the show’s release, Lee explained the difficulties with the film. ‘At first, it was ridiculous,’ he explained. ‘All you could see were people falling down in front of me. Even when I slowed down, all the camera showed was a blur.’