Bushmen bluffing cheetahs and taking their prey.

A true Savage!

For most people, bumping into a pack of cheetahs tucking into a fresh kill would be enough to make you turn around and run like you’ve never ran before.

But for humans searching for a meal in the harsh terrains of Africa, it is an opportunity to feast. Incredibly, tribespeople in Africa are now regularly stealing food from cheetahs, as these two men demonstrate.

That was astonishing. While the cheetahs eventually backed away, they were still lunging quite viciously. I do not know how you could manage to not flinch, as that would also show fear I assume.

The practice of taking food from another animal’s kill is called kleptoparasitism and it is very common among certain species of wild animals. However , it seems that humans are also taking part in the behaviour on a regular basis.