Cannibal Croc — Bites Foot Off Other Croc in Feeding Frenzy

The incident was filmed by a visitor at a zoo, as others looked on in shock

It seems it really is a croc eat croc world when it comes to mealtimes at this zoo.

One crocodile was taking no prisoners – even going as far to maim its penmate in a race for the best bit of meat.

A grisly video, recorded by visitors at a zoo thought to be in Australia, shows the moment a keeper throws a lump of raw flesh into the pen for the reptiles, which is where it all goes terribly wrong.

Three of the large animals jerk their head towards the spot where the meat landed and the group begin to rush forward.

But in their feeding frenzy, one of the crocodiles grabs hold of another’s leg – and isn’t about to let go.

After spinning round several times, the cannibalistic croc manages to rip the limb away from the other animal’s body and chomps down on it ferociously.

Clearly in shock, the injured crocodile remains still as the rest of the animals tuck into their dinner.

Visitors in the background of the footage can be heard gasping in horror as they watch the brutal scene unfold in front of their eyes.

One woman is heard shouting: “Oh my God,” while another adds: “Look, he’s bleeding.”