Thug Captured by Good Samaritans

Bless these volunteers.

Metro Police say Ezell Graham, 31, is a serial robber who has been identified in four other Monday night robberies.Graham is suspected of robbing a man of his cell phone at a Nolensville Pike Citgo, a woman’s purse at a Harding Place Mapco, an iPad from a Longdale Drive home while two women were inside and a woman’s wallet while shopping at a Harding Place CVS. Three good Samaritan’s were captured on video restraining a man after he robbed a woman and tried to escape.According to police, Ezell Graham drove to the Tiger Market, went into the victim’s car and stole her purse along with a box of donuts. Even after they responded and placed Graham under arrest, the man tried to run from Metro Police, tried to climb out of the back of the cruiser and even tried to kick out the back window, causing damage to the patrol car. Graham was also charged with driving with a revoked license.