CeeLo’s Phone Explodes In His Face While On A Call!

Security camera footage from a recording studio.

We all know Samsung had to recall and effectively kill their Galaxy Note 7 because of a manufacturing defect in the device’s battery that caused fires and explosions. Pretty dangerous stuff obviously. And now there’s more footage to show just how dangerous it is to own an exploding phone like the one banned on all US flights for being a fire hazard. Legendary producer/artist CeeLo Green nearly lost his life when his phone literally exploded in his face during a phone call.
Security camera video captured the scary scene at the recording studio CeeLo was working on new music. The footage shows CeeLo answering a phone call and placing the device on his face. While on the call, the phone starts emitting smoke before exploding and knocking the Goodie Mob artist off his chair and to the floor . The video ends with CeeLo’s motionless body lying on the ground .