Chainsaw Massacre Prank!

I think I’d have a heart attack like no joke.

Basically the prank involves a severely mutilated victim calling out for assistance, a crazy psycho in a blood-spattered mask and a menacing chainsaw – yep, that should just about scare the living daylights out of ANYONE.

Nick Santonastasso was born with only one arm and no legs as a result of a rare birth defect, but he doesn’t let that hold him down in life. Actually, he frequently takes advantage of his situation by scaring the crap out of everyone else. For his last prank, he teamed up with popular YouTuber Vitaly to get some unlucky people in the mood for Halloween. Covered in red pain and fake guts, Nick pretended to be a chainsaw massacre victim, and terrified people in a parking garage at night. Their prank video has been an instant success with over 20 million hits already!