Chuck Liddell Punches Tony Hawk’s friend!!!

Chuck Liddell just walks into a room and smashes a guy called Jason.

Of all the people in the world you could ask to punch you, Chuck ‘The Iceman’ Liddell might be the worst possible choice. Unless you enjoy extreme pain and potential nerve damage – than Chuck Liddell might be your guy.

This video (which is from the now defunct A&E program ‘Inked’) shows radio host Jason Ellis and skateboarder Tony Hawk on air when in walks Chuck Liddell. What better way is there to greet a legendary UFC champion than to taunt him and ask him to punch you as hard as he can in the arm?

Chuck obliges and gives him a little sample with one of his trademarked, looping left hooks. It was a gentle taste but more than likely left a bruise in its own right. But that wasn’t enough for Jason Ellis: “Hard as you can.”

Chuck seemed taken aback; “As hard as I can?” He asks just to make sure. He loosens up. Winds up like a pitcher about to unload a fastball and BOOM! He hits him with a devastating straight punch ‘as hard as he can’ to the arm and Jason Ellis crumples to the floor. Though it was just an arm punch he most likely saw some stars from the impact alone, and perhaps everybody else in the room did as well.