Conor & Nate still at it on CNBC.

I’ve never seen these sort of questions asked. Brilliant!

You know the UFC is making a huge media push when the fighters in the main event of a pay-per-view bout are on CNBC. Seriously, what does the CNBC audience want to hear from Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz? Can’t you just imagine stock brokers in an office somewhere looking at the television and wondering what is going on?

Anyways, McGregor loved it of course. As soon as they found out they were on the “money channel” McGregor told Diaz he could leave and he’d handle the rest of the interview and it got bizarre from there.

The woman asked McGregor his net worth and he retorted by saying there are bodies buried in the desert for less and gawked at the gall she had to ask it. Then he asked her to send a picture so he could see what she looked like and told her not to be shy.

Meanwhile, Diaz looked bored with the whole process and fed up and that finally came to ahead towards the end of the interview when he took the microphone and earpiece off and walked out. Can you blame him though? The whole interview was rather ridiculous and painful to watch.