Cop Arrested for Speeding by Highway Patrol

This woman has some true character. Props to her.

We do not get see cops busting other cops like this every day. However, cops believe that if they will break a law nobody is going to charge them or arrest them. They think they are police officers and rules do not really apply to them. But, guess what this lady cop Jane Watts would not let other cops take advantage of their designation. Rules apply to everyone even cops, except if there is a pursuit or an emergency. So, a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper pulled over a Miami cop because he was driving 120mph while in uniform in his cruiser.

In this interesting video, a Miami Officer was pulled over by Highway Patrol. It is funny to watch the officer’s reaction who is being arrested that he can’t believe this is happening to him. The lady cop seemed to be a little aggressive towards the Miami cop because she is contented and will not allow anyone to break rules. Mostly, police officers get away with their actions and no one arrests them but this lady cop is not giving up. It is great to see justice being served by cops who are truly accountable of their own deeds.