Cop ‘Engaged’ In Traffic Stop Leads To Life Sentence

Damn! I thought someone was gonna get shot…

There’s 3 women you need to pacify as a man.  The first one is your mother.  You get a lot of practice not to cross her growing up.  The 2nd woman is your wife.  You have to work hard not to cross her.  The third is your mother in law.  You have to work extra hard not to get grief from her.  If you happen to cross these hurdles and live up to their expectations, you count as a successful man.

Cop orders man out of his car and onto his knees.  The officer finds something ‘suspicious’ in the young man’s pocket and asks the young lady to stand in front of him…When she realizes what’s REALLY happening? OMG!

One Cape Girardeau, Missouri woman thought she and her boyfriend were being pulled over. It turns her boyfriend was going to serve a “lifetime sentence”. See what happened during a traffic stop.