Cop Kicks Suspect in the Head During an Arrest

Was he wrong for this?! 

A robbery suspect claims a Pennsylvania police officer kicked him in the head, gave him a broken jaw, and left him requiring three days worth of hospital treatment.
Hector Medina-Pena claims Allentown Officer Joseph M. Ianetta used excessive force when he was being detained for a suspected robbery in May 2015, the Morning Call reported.
Media-Pena is now suing Iannetta, his fellow officer Patrick Bull, the ex-police chief Joel Fitzgerald Jr, and the Allentown mayor and city.
In May 2015, a man seemed to show a gun in his waistband, demanded money from a worker at a strip club called Platinum Plus, and received almost $1600 before fleeing in a SUV with three men, the Morning Call reported.
Police pursued the vehicle and a bag with cash was thrown from a window.
The lawsuit, according to the newspaper, says the SUV was stopped by police and Medina-Pena exited the vehicle.
He followed Ianetta’s instructions and went down on all fours in front of Iannetta’s patrol car.
The suit reportedly says: ‘Horrifically, while [Medina-Pena] was positioned on all fours, and defenseless, defendant Iannetta approached [Medina-Pena] with his gun drawn and performed what can only be described as a “WWE” style kick with his booted foot to [Medina-Pena's] right side of his head and face .’