Crash caught on dashcam.

He is Lucky Man

By author: “Previously unknown medical condition caused a crash on 4/2/2015. I have never passed out in 26 years, but suddenly passed out. I wasn’t tired, sleepy or anything like that. The last thing i remembered was turning off the cruise control, then I just passed out.

I woke up a split-second before hitting that last fencepost, but was so disoriented that I didn’t hit the brakes for another two seconds. When I went into the ditch, apparently my body pitched forward and my foot mashed the gas pedal to the floor. That’s why the tach went to 5K and the car drifted so much. Afterwards, I had severe shock and disorientation.

State Farm decline to pay for the car’s repair, as I was a few hours past the deadline for comprehensive coverage. The vehicle was covered by my truck’s policy, as I had not gotten the Mustang’s title paperwork finished and couldn’t insure it until then. State Farm has 14 days of uninsured vehicle coverage offered. They also raised my rates and removed my safe driver discount, even though I have never been in an accident that was my fault in 8 years of driving. So that seems a bit unfair.”