Crazy Tour Guide Swims With Alligators

The guide frolicked with the reptiles in the water, play-wrestling with them and letting them climb on top of him

Video capturing a Louisiana man feeding, swimming and cuddling with wild alligators during an airboat tour has led to an investigation by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department.

In the shocking 3-minute video uploaded to YouTube, a tour guide with Airboat Adventures in Jefferson Parish is seen swimming with at least two alligators while feeding them raw meat and marshmallows.

His audience, watching and filming from above, gasp and shriek as they watch the man fearlessly swim with the powerful creatures around him.

When the man goes so far as to feed one gator a marshmallow straight from his own mouth, they let out applause.

The video was uploaded by an Oregon tourist, Stacy Hicks, who also posted a photo of her guide luring a gator on shore.

“Our crazy guide! He let the alligator climb right up on his chest!” the photo’s caption said.

Since Hick’s video went viral, it’s caught the attention of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department.

“We have now initiated our own investigation into the incident,” Col. John Fortunato, a spokesman for the parish sheriff’s office, told the Associated Press.

Feeding alligators in Jefferson Parish is illegal.

When gators show a lack of fear of humans — often because they’ve been fed — they are classified as nuisance gators. In some parts of the country, they are euthanized or removed as a precaution.

Fortunato said Airboat Adventures has been ordered to cease any feeding of the gators.

If they don’t comply, they can be sentenced to six months in prison or a $500 fine, NOLA reported.