Crushing bowling ball and pin with hydraulic press

Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Let the carnage continue! From задавленные мячи для гольфа в плоскую Барби dolls, the Hydraulic Press Channel has delivered some very satisfying content to its subscribers on YouTube since it launched last October. The show’s premise is pretty straightforward: object takes on hydraulic press, object loses spectacularly. Gizmodo shared a recent video from the channel that involves a bowling ball and a bowling pin, neither of which lasts very long when the pressure is applied.

First up was the bowling pin, which was placed on its side before the press slowly crushed it, revealing a soft wooden core. “I think the bowling ball is going to be much more exciting,” the press operator said, and he was correct. The ball explodes much faster than the pin, sending chunks of polyurethane flying in every direction. During the slow motion replay, you can hear the ball begin to crack a split second before the pressure becomes too much.