The curse of the lottery: Why winning the Powerball could kill you!

Tragic Stories Of Big Jackpot Winners !

Money won’t buy you happiness.

 It’s more likely you’ll get struck by lightning than win the Powerball — but if you do win, there is an even better chance that you’ll go broke.

Nearly 70% of lottery winners end up broke within seven years. Even worse, several winners have died tragically or witnessed those close to them suffer.


Edward Ugel, author of the book “Money for Nothing: One Man’s Journey Through the Dark Side of Lottery Millions,” told the Daily Beast of the thousands of lottery winners he’s known, few were happy and only a small number lived happily ever after.

“You would be blown away to see how many winners wish they’d never won,” Ugel said.

One of those unlucky winners was Abraham Shakespeare. Just weeks before Shakespeare was killed, he told his mother he wished he never won.