Dad Destroys His Daughter’s Car After She Sneaks Out

$13,000! That’s crazy!

Mad dad Mike Card completely crushed the customised car with a small digger, and the whole scene was caught on camera and uploaded by his son Kaylor.

The Facebook video shows the man in his machine rolling around the red Audi rendering it totally undriveable. It takes Mike just two minutes to destroy the vehicle in Young Harris, Georgia. It is not exactly clear what incensed Mike so much, but it is evident from Facebook that Ashlyn, Kaylor’s sister, may have been in the car with someone ‘not supposed to be there’.

Yet not everyone online has agreed with the father taking to the excavator as the best form of punishment. Mitchell Lee wrote: ‘That’s crazy, that was a pretty car, unless u got money to burn.’

And after the video went viral today, with nearly 30,000 views, Lisa Michael West wrote: ‘I think I could’ve come up with punishment that wasn’t quite so costly. This is nuts.’

Yet in contrast Andrea Gibson wrote: ‘The poor person in me screams you could have sold it but the parent in me says go dad.’

And Kyle David Acevedo added: ‘Nice, I’m sure there was a good reason for it lol. ‘