Dad forces son to destroy Xbox

‘Psychopath’ or ‘Best Parent in the World’?

It seemed like game over for the Xbox systems of a slumping American student after his father ordered him to smash the video game consoles with a sledgehammer for getting bad grades. The boy, Jason, had three weeks to improve his performance at school and he apparently couldn’t get it together. Jason’s father ordered him to smash his beloved gaming systems with the heavy hammer after placing them on the grass in front of their home and filmed the proceedings.

In the clip, Jason says ‘It’s not my fault’ and ‘I hate my life’ before taking the hammer to what appears to be a white Xbox 360 console. After he smashed the console, Jason’s dad ordered him to do the same thing to what looks like an Xbox One.

The boy refused and threw the sledgehammer to the ground.

As his father yelled at him to pick up the hammer and finish the job, Jason stood by the console and cried. The father used poor language and then said, ‘You do it, or I do it.’ The video ends with Jason holding the hammer and staring at the ground, but the second console is still intact. If the father did make Jason follow through with destroying the second Xbox, it would be an expensive lesson for the boy. Xbox One consoles currently retail for about $350.