Dad stops son’s street fight like a boss!

That was a clean fight tho.

Can you imagine working your whole life to buy a nice house in the suburbs only to come home and find that your children are acting no different than they would in the Section 8 housing you fought so hard to leave behind?
No wonder he’s pissed.
“Get your b*tch a** in the car!” is the most loving and kind thing he did.
He can’t get jumped, he can’t get stabbed, he can’t get shot, and he doesn’t even have to look like he lost face. His son looked like he was losing the fight on top of that. Only a matter of time until he would have been knocked out, then the winner’s friends would have kicked him in the face while he was down after letting the winner get a few extra punches in, then someone in the crowd would have walked away with his wallet.

That dad not only stopped his son from fighting, he silenced the entire crowd. That is some authority.  Yeah, he knows exactly what he’s doing.
I love at the end of the video that one kid heard saying “Glad I ain’t got a daddy!”