Dada5000 vs Cedrick James

This is what happened in Dada’s last fight:

It has been confirmed that Kimbo Slice’s next opponent will be Dada 5000. Dhafir “Dada 5000″ Harris stands 6’3″, weighs 270lbs and bench presses 670lbs. He’s currently undefeated with 2 professional fights – both ending in KO/TKO.

There is a documentary on Netflix called Dawg Fight that talks about Dada. Dada grew up blocks away from Kimbo Slice. He set up and organized street fights in his neighborhood to make money and he also used to bodyguard, do security for Kimbo Slice. Apparently, Kimbo Slice’s manager destroyed Dada’s backyard fights as he feared Dada will become more popular than Kimbo.

Nevertheless, we predict Kimbo is going to finish him 1st round. Dada is a brawler with hay-makers and Kimbo is a brawler with good stand up boxing. Kimbo at least has technique and Dada is a loose cannon.