David vs. Goliath bjj match!

The big purple belt holder could do nothing and lost by a lapel clock choke.

“I wake up early and train in the morning prior to going to work. I try to work as much as possible to pay for tournaments and traveling. the evening I go to the gym to help with kids bjj class followed by a competition class which is usually very intense. At the end of the day I eat, shower, and sleep”. Boring, you would say? For someone who never trained martial arts seriously it might seem so. But this routine is just what helps New Mexico native Estevan Martinez compete with opponents who are much bigger than him and defeat them.

He says that wrestling in absolute division has many advantages, mostly because no one expects Martinez win by all means and if he does – he gets to the center of attention. Just like it happened with this clash with another purple belt judoka whose name remains unknown. It might look funny at the start as Estevan looks absolutely like a schoolboy compared to his opponent but as the fight went on it became clear that the big guy just didn’t know what could come in handy against Martinez. The lapel clock choke that happened in the end was thus logical.

“I never thought about quitting ever because jiu jitsu has given me the confidence I needed. I have seen the effectiveness of Jiu Jitsu”, Martinez said in his interview to “Jiu Jitsu Times”. Thanks to you, Estevan, and this particular video we have learned a lot about jiu jitsu effectiveness too. It’s really impressive.