Dillon M134 Gatling Gun Fires 3,000 Rounds A Minute!

That gun sounds just like the f*cking chopper

Future Weapons is a documentary series in Discovery Channel that features different range of weapons that are developed using state of the art technology. In this video, Richard Machowicz will feature another powerful weapon , the Dillon M134 Gatling gun. It claims to be the finest small caliber, defense suppression weapon available. This weapon crafted from Titanium unleashes an unbelievable 50 rounds a second, 3000 rounds a minute. It is definitely the terminator weapon that can be used effectively either on land or on air!

Aero M134D Dillon is capable of firing 3,000 rounds per minute, or an equivelent 50 rounds per second. Its history dates back to the time when Mike Dillon, Dillon Precision founder, begins manufacturing in the mid 80s a number of components to modernize and optimize the performance of General Electric Gau-2 machine gun.
Gradually, it was redesigning all components of the Gau-2 until, almost without realizing it, in the process of evolution had created a new machine gun. Thus was born the M134D Dillon Aero.