Dog Miraculously Grows a New Face, Thanks to Rescuers

Warning: Graphic content.

The animal’s condition was so severe that euthanasia seemed to be the most suitable option to save the dog’s suffering. But fortunately, the team did not give up the dog, who was named Kalu. “Something in the spirit of this poor animal convinced them to give him a chance,” he published the Animal Aid Unlimited on their Facebook.
The rescue organization found his face practically eaten by maggots as he somehow ended up in a hole, perhaps to pass away from his horrible condition, or maybe someone put him in there to suffer and eventually die.
Drugs were applied to kill the larvae that were eroding the Kalu’s face, and over time the dog was recovering. After a few days, to the surprise of their handlers, the left eye was intact. After three months of treatment, Kalu was completely healed and is practically a reborned dog.