Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage by Secret Service. November 5, 2016

The “tolerant left”. If you don’t agree with them they try to kill you.

Austyn Crites tells how his plan to hold up a protest sign at a Trump rally ended in violence and the involvement of the Secret Service and police in Reno.  ”All of sudden these people next to me are getting violent” – says the self-proclaimed Republican, who was wrestled and placed in a chokehold on Saturday. “I was very happy that the police came” – he adds.

A man protests at Obama’s rally, Obama quiets the crowd and says he has a right to protest. A man protests at Trump’s rally, gets beaten up. And the latter guy claims his version of American is somehow greater. Peaceful democrats. They’ll try to murder you in a crowd full of innocents if they disagree with your opinions. It’s a 100% objective fact that the Clinton foundation has hired people to start violence at Trump rallies. That has been confirmed 100%. You’re the one with the tin-foil theory. You’re disagreeing with reality.God protect President Trump. Аmen.