Donald Trump Supporter Calls A Black Man The N-Word!

Respect to the man who had the patience to deal with him talking crazy.

A man supporting Donald Trump went crazy in a road rage incident caught on tape. Calling the man “n-word” and saying black lives don’t matter, the “man” is upset because someone got in front of him while driving and hit his brakes. Not a good reason for all the yelling and racism, we know.

Skye Lev was just driving on the highway when a white male asshole came up behind him and sped up in an effort to prevent Lev from changing lanes. Lev changed lanes before he was blocked from doing so and, of course, this pissed off the racist white guy.

This guy was literally angry because a black man changed lanes on the highway. So when both men came to a stop, the guy got out of his vehicle and began screaming at Lev. Racist epithets were hurled, including the N-word. The guy even yelled at his own wife and told her to keep her mouth shut and went on to call Lev a “transgender fag.”