Drive-by shooting prank

It’s all fun & games until the other guy has a real gun.

A thug and a few of his buddies recently got the genius idea to drive around and pretend to fire shots at people from inside of a moving car as a “drive-by shooting” prank. All caught on video, the punks could be heard laughing, but now that the “joke” is over – it isn’t so funny anymore.

The incident reportedly took place in Cincinnati, Ohio. As seen in the footage captured by the gang, they brought what is believed to be a BB gun along for a drive by shooting “prank.”

 Basically, the group of thugs got in a car and decided to cruise the streets looking for a group of people on the sidewalk. When they were able to find one, they slowed the car, rolled down the window, brandished what looked like a firearm, and began to pop off shots in the unsuspecting people’s direction.

Those on the sidewalk who were pranked by the thugs didn’t take too kindly to the “joke,” but those inside the car were hysterically laughing. However, the punks aren’t finding it quite so funny after they got some bad news.

According to recent reports, the Cincinnati Police Department is looking for the boys – and they want more than just a little “chat” with them. In fact, police are currently working on arresting those responsible for the “unbelievable” and “totally unacceptable” act.

 “I can tell you that those citizens thought the gun was real,” Cincinnati Police Captain Aaron Jones said. “It’s just causing panic. And it’s just totally unacceptable, totally unacceptable behavior.”

“At the end of the video, you can hear the subject laughing and talking, and this was a big joke,” Jones said. “It’s not a joke to us.” However, I highly doubt these thugs are laughing anymore.The left wants to pretend that Black Lives Matter is a legitimate organization, yet the group always seems to ignore incidents like this. If black lives matter, then you’re going to have to address the real problems in the black community, and that starts with correcting this thug culture.

Had a cop saw the gun emerging from the window and neutralized the perceived threat, we would never hear the end of it from the BLM. However, they are silent about the actions that get thugs shot by cops.

 We don’t have a cop problem, we have a thug culture problem. If they work towards a solution to that, the alleged “police brutality” will be virtually nonexistent.