Driver Gets Into A Scuffle With A Motorcyclist!

The incident was caught on camera in high definition

The motorcyclist was left shocked by the attack, saying: “I didn’t ken what he’s expecting if he’s gonna punch a helmet” A motorist jumps out of his car to brawl with a biker in the middle of a busy road in this shocking road rage footage.

The fist fight broke out after the motorist, driving a green Mitsubishi 4×4, pulled up alongside the motorcyclist at a roundabout and called him “a f***ing b******”. It is not clear what the motorcyclist did to upset the man during the incident in Scotland, but he responds by swearing back at him. The driver quickly steps out of his car and shoves the biker to the ground. The motorcyclist replies: “What are you doing, you psychopath?” and follows him back round to the driver’s side of the car.

A punch-up ensues, in which the tow men try and wrestle one another to the ground as cars whizz past. Eventually the fight is broken up by fellow motorists, who have left their cars to stop the madness. One man tells the motorcyclist to calm down and hands back his helmet visor, which appears to have fallen off during the scrap. Three people stay with the stunned biker as the motorist speeds off.

The motorcyclist is clearly shocked by what has happened, struggling to explain to the other drivers what happened.

He says: “I didn’t ken [understand] what’s he’s expecting if he’s gonna punch a