Driver pointed gun to motorcycle rider

This guy has nerves of steel and a brain the size of a peanut.

You can’t blame us for being a bit skeptical about the surreal road rage incident with a Nissan driver flapping a gun towards a bold motorcyclist in Fultondale, Alabama,  but after talking to the biker, identified as Charles Letson, we think it’s real.
We spoke to Letson on the phone and he told us that the Nissan Murano driver brake-checked him a couple of times in traffic and tried to run him over before yelling obscenities and taking off. He then caught up with him and let his camera roll.

After exchanging a few words with the gun-waving cowboy in the Murano, they both went their separate ways. Letson told us that he contacted Fultondale police to report the incident, but they…raised their hands in the air, stating they don’t deal with these matters, and directed him to the nearby Birmingham Police Department.

“He [the Nissan Murano driver] did not get arrested. Now, that’s the problem as the police are blowing me off. They said they don’t do misdemeanor cases so they traded it off to Birmingham city,” said Letson.

The motorcyclist said he contacted the Birmingham Police Department but he has yet to hear back from the detectives.

If there’s a driver out there willing to take out his gun (real or not) in public for whatever reason, threatening people that “it’s a 45 loaded and ready to blow your f$%king face off”, I’d certainly want the police to do something about it – wouldn’t you?